“Timod EXPO 2019” Fair is important for the city, Canton and the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The “Timod Expo 2019” Fair, which will take place in Travnik from 24 th to 26 th of April this year, is significant for the city, canton and the state of B&H, was announced at today’s press conference in Travnik.

The organizers of the Textile and Footwear Fair “Timod EXPO 2019” are the Municipality of Travnik and the Regional Developing Agency – REZ, with the partnership of the University of Travnik, which will organize this year’s Scientific conference “Timod 2019”.
The idea of ​​organizing a Fair in Travnik, which has a tradition in the textile and footwear industry and where there are over 5,200 workers employed in this branch of industry, is quite logical and justified emphasized Mr. Admir Hadžimerić, the mayor of Travnik, who also announced the organization of a specialized Trade fair at the scientific conference “Timod 2018” last year.
According to Mayor Mr.Hadzimerić, this year’s Fair is with international participation, because it was already confirmed the participation of companies from the region as well as from other countries, and overall the ambition is to make the second edition as International fair.

Full support for the Fair was provided by the Association of Textile, Footwear and Leather B&H (UTOK), whose members will take part in the Fair. It’s a very good idea and I’m glad it’s launched. This is an event of great importance for the city, Canton and the state of B&H as a whole. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are over 40,000 workers employed in this branch and this sector realized 4,5 to 6 % of GDP . Annual turnover in this sector amounts to about 1.5 billion KM. – said Mr. Amir Međić, General Secretary of the Association” UTOK”. He emphasized that there are lots of fairs in B&H but this is a specialized fair. Assistant Professor-Doctor Mrs. Amra Tuzović from the Faculty of Technical Studies at the “University of Travnik” expressed her satisfaction with the fact that “Timod’s Conference” motivated the municipality of Travnik to start organizing the textile and footwear trade fair “Timod EXPO 2019” announcing that this year’s Conference will be held in parallel with the Fair to offer numerous presentations of scientific papers, workshops
and fashion shows.

Mr.Faris Hafizadić , a representative of the municipality of Travnik, announced that the Fair will be held in the “Privredno-sportsko kulturni centar Pirota” for exhibitors it will be open from 9 am to 7 pm and for visitors from 10 am to 6 pm. The ticket price will be 3 KM.