Until opening


Fair will be on  2020.


Participants  of the fair come from textile leather and footwear industry, both from domestic and foreign markets.


The Fair will be held at the PSKC “Pirota” in Travnik.


Filled application form from site, you should send  by post mail (Donja Mahala 9, 72270 Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina) or email. For all additional information feel free to contact us.

Sponsor of the Fair

Government of Middle Bosnia Canton

Chamber of Economy of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina

Organisers of the Fair

Općina Travnik

Regional Development Agency for Central BiH region

Partners of the Fair


Faculty of technical studies University of Travnik

Media Sponsors

Content of the Fair

Male, female and kids clothing
Baby clothes
Casual clothing
Dress code
Sports wear

Wedding wear
Bags and accessories 
Medical wear 
Working wear

We recommend

  • Manufacturing and sales of fabrics
  • Wool
  • Jeans
  • Silk
  • Leather